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Imagine getting affordable, "plain English" legal and lease abstraction work that’s on time and doesn’t boggle down your leasing, acquisition or debt collection process. That’s exactly what we do.



Groundworks is your secret weapon of experienced lawyers who help you and your client get legal advice that is affordable, quick and practical, while ensuring you stay central to the transaction.



Groundworks makes leasing, buying and selling real estate more manageable, giving you lease review, debt collection and lease abstraction support that's on time and on budget.



Groundworks makes leasing real estate more manageable by letting you easily get affordable practical legal advice that's on time and on budget.

What is Groundworks?

Groundworks is a firm connected to a team of vetted Canadian legal and lease professionals who specialize in commercial real estate leasing services. Our job is to ensure that these professionals deliver high quality work with a fast turnaround time and on budget. In addition to standard lease abstraction services, our professionals offer lease analysis, lease creation and tenant estoppel certificate services.

Who Works at Groundworks?

The majority of Groundworks’ legal and lease professionals have between 5 and 25 years of industry experience and choose to work with Groundworks’ due to our flexible work environment, client services support and no minimum billings policy. GWCLS takes great pride in its highly skilled team members and its friendly results-driven process approach to work and life.


Natalka Falcomer

Hons B.A., J.D., C.LO

Meet our Founder

Natalka is a lawyer who is deeply committed to increasing access to justice and positively changing the way the law is practiced and delivered. She's volunteered for over four years (and counting) to arm the public with free legal knowledge as the founder, co-producer and host of a legal call in show with Rogers TV (Toronto Speaks Legal Advice).

Prior to founding this company, Natalka worked in poverty law and was asked to help build a private real estate investment company. At the real estate company, she developed and led the leasing and property management divisions.

Natalka also obtained her real estate sales license and was recently asked to review and provide recommendations for a revision of the Real Estate Institute of Canada’s (REIC) courses related to commercial leasing. She is the recipient of the 2015-2016 REIC Education Award, earned a Certified Leasing Officer designation and sits as a Board member on the Toronto chapter. In late 2016 Natalka will also become a REIC faculty member, after undergoing and successfully completing REIC’s rigorous faculty training session.

Her passion to help make legal advice affordable and practical, as well as her desire to give lawyers the opportunity work in a friendly and flexible atmosphere, led her to found Groundworks Realty Services. For these efforts, she's been recognized as Real Estate Professional's Elite 100 and is a sought after panelist and guest lecturer at various law schools and forums where she speaks about: Groundworks‘ “lean six sigma” business model; thinking creatively when seeped in the values of a traditional institution; adapting to the changing legal landscape; and the challenges faced by women lawyer-entrepreneurs.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

“Randy reviewed a commercial lease for my business and was extremely helpful. The founder, Natalka, explained the process of the transaction, provided a thorough breakdown of all the components of the lease and ensured that I understood the terms and conditions of the agreement. The Groundworks team also flagged areas that needed my attention, as they were not ordinarily included in lease agreements. The service that I received from Groundworks firm was extraordinary as the legal fees were competitive and the review was detailed and thorough. Natalka also took the time to personally follow up with me regarding my new business quite frequently. I highly recommend Groundworks firm for your commercial leasing needs.”

— Ankita Chawla

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