Win the client, confidently negotiate the lease and close the deal.

How we help you:

Our goal is make you, the REALTOR®, look good and provide you with the highest quality results for your clients.

We offer lease review, drafting and legal consulting services.

Our online format, flat fee menu of options and guaranteed turnaround time means that we:

  • Provide you with a value added service in your portfolio for your clients;
  • Save you time and costs, so you can close the deal;
  • Protect you and your clients from a lawsuit;
  • Increase the professionalism of your service and win more clients;
  • Provide input and feedback in a simplified, understandable manner; and
  • Ensure only the highest quality of service and support.



Simplify your leasing process, while reducing costs and wait times.

How we help you:

We offer lease review, drafting, debt collection and legal consulting services. Groundworks is a team of vetted legal professionals that offers:

  • Lease Summaries and Abstracting Services,
  • Lease Reviews and Analysis Services;
  • Lease and Contract Drafting Services;
  • Tenant Estoppel Certificates Review and Drafting Services; and
  • Initiating debt collection and enforcing collection orders.

Groundworks is your secret weapon when you need:

  • A quick legal opinion of a lease before you sign;
  • Fast lease abstraction support provided by a legal or leasing professional;
  • A lease contract to secure a tenant;
  • Fast and accurate tenant estoppel certificates; and
  • Effectively collect debts owed from delinquent tenants.



We're making it easier to protect your rights and your bank account.

How we help you:

Groundworks is the only commercial leasing legal service provider that promises to deliver on demand, on time, unbundled and affordable plain language legal services.

We offer lease review, drafting, and consulting services.

Our online format, flat fee menu of options and guaranteed turnaround time means that we put you, the client, back in control of how much you spend and what legal help you need.

We're your easy solution when you need:

  • You need a quick lease review before you sign.
  • You’re negotiating a lease and need to consult a lawyer on what to do, say or ask for next.
  • You need a lease contract.

What is Groundworks?

Groundworks is a firm connected to a team of vetted Canadian legal and lease professionals who specialize in commercial real estate leasing services. Our job is to ensure that these professionals deliver high quality work with a fast turnaround time and on budget. In addition to standard lease abstraction services, our professionals offer lease analysis, lease creation and tenant estoppel certificate services.

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