How taking a picture can get you sued

What every landlord, tenant and agent should know ….or they’ll get sued You get a call from a landlord. They ask you to lease up their space quickly – the Tenant is moving out in two months. No problem. Off you go to the property, keys in hand and you start taking pictures. After all, […]

Read This if You Want to Give Up

Last week I was email interviewed about some awards I received from the Real Estate Institute of Canada. I thought this exercise would be fairly easy and non-controversial – until I was asked a question I believed was fundamentally flawed. A question that hits on a nerve because it’s premised on certain beliefs that are known to promote […]

Proof that Nice Guys Finish First

Could you sell your mother for a penny? If not, you’ll fail in business. This was the advice I received from an incredibly successful businessman at a tender age of 13. I believed that starting my own business would be the only way I could merge creativity with effective problem solving. But, when I heard […]

3 Productivity Hacks Your Mom Knows and You Don’t

Navy Seals Have Nothing on These Women Need new productivity and procrastination-prevention tips? You won’t find them in Forbes magazine or on some life-hack’s website. And forget the app store. Instead, you’ll find them by watching one of the most disciplined, resilient and driven groups of people who put navy seals to shame: new moms. […]

Being Busy Doesn’t Make You Important….

It makes you ineffective. In light of the upcoming long weekend, I’m taking a break from writing this week and focusing on preparing myself for a full day of (*gasp*) not being busy. I’ll admit, I’m feeling quite anxious anticipating a day of not being needed (read: relevant). How else will I validate my self-worth […]

Get richer, happier & healthier by giving up

Quitting is what successful people do best We’re far too obsessed with persistence. We attribute persistence to success, happiness and good health. Yet, if stubborn persistence is what makes us a success, then why do cringe every time we see bad ideas on Shark Tank? And why do we yell at the screen, begging the stressed anaemic entrepreneur to just […]

The surprising person who’s keeping you from succeeding

Bullies are the number one cause of personal and professional unhappiness, failure and financial ruin. I hate bullies. And I always have; as a ten-year-old girl, I ended up with countless bloody noses, bruises and torn ligaments for stepping in and defending the underdog. Bullying – loving coined as callous stupidity by my mother – made me […]

Greed is not Good. But Envy Is.

The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest. Well, in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated. In the last seven deals that I’ve been involved with, there were 2.5 million stockholders who have made a pretax profit of 12 billion dollars. Thank you. […]