Being Busy Doesn’t Make You Important….

It makes you ineffective.

In light of the upcoming long weekend, I’m taking a break from writing this week and focusing on preparing myself for a full day of (*gasp*) not being busy. I’ll admit, I’m feeling quite anxious anticipating a day of not being needed (read: relevant). How else will I validate my self-worth without having emails in my inbox, requests to speak or consult, lengthy task lists, text messages and Facebook likes (I never get any anyway)?

If you’re like the most of us, you feel guilty every time you’re not being productive  – it’s so rewarding to tell people you’re busy. This means you’re relevant! It’s true and I’m guilty.

I’m seized with anxiety whenever I fail to operate on 4 hours of sleep.

Or when one of my friends gets a call from her clients while we’re supposed to be “relaxing” and that client must speak with her…leaving me concerned that no one’s demanding my attention (voice in head: you’re not working hard enough!).

Or when I’m watching others post pictures of them taking some course at Harvard, vacationing like a Housewives star or making very intricate meals from organic food they’ve managed to harvest while wearing trendy Burberry farm clothes.

This disease, FOMO, is a common disease among us Millennials. It makes those afflicted incapable of enjoying the moment and focused on finding external measures for validation. The problem is that external measures have nothing to do with our internal value and, therefore, contentment in life. So, whenever I seem to have caught FOMO and want to make myself busy, I read this brilliant, hilarious and true take on the ridiculousness of being busy.

Enjoy the long weekend and I hope you have a FOMO free time.